Seismic improvements to the Embarcadero Seawall will require local, state, and federal partnerships for project legislation, permitting, and funding. Immediate life safety upgrades may exceed $500 million and full infrastructure improvements are estimated to cost up to $5 billion.

To date, the City has invested nearly $10 million for project planning. San Francisco’s Proposed Ten-Year Capital Plan for Fiscal Year 2018-2027 includes a proposed $350 to $500 million General Obligation bond for the November 2018 ballot to help protect and strengthen the Seawall. The bond will require two-thirds voter approval and will not raise tax rates.


Immediate seismic upgrades are targeted for completion by 2026. The project is currently in the early stages of planning, following an extensive Vulnerability Study.

Phase Budget Duration Start Finish
Vulnerability Study $1 M 1.5 yr January 2015 June 2016
Planning $8.5 M 2.5 yr July 2016 June 2019
Preliminary Design Approvals & Environmental $ 25.5 M 2 yr January 2019 December 2021
Final Design & Construction (phase one)** $465 M 5 yr January 2022 December 2026

*Preliminary schedule and budget is subject to change.
**For immediate life-safety upgrades only.